Mindzzle Apps

  • We truly believe that everyone deserves an equal opportunity, especially in the workplace. As an advocate for technology driven solution, we designed our App to be suitable for professional and personal uses.
  • Professional users can maximize their employees’ productivity and development using our 360-degree HR performance review. We create the 360-degree performance evaluation tool for managers as well as co-workers to give their evaluation to an employee. This way, employees get a more comprehensive evaluation and enterprises can attract and retain a positive and objective work culture.
  • Our App is available for personal users to create a professional biography and receive a direct endorsement.

Access to E-Library

This includes access to online research databases and other available electronic resources. In every situation, we help you find the resources to provide your employees the best training they need.

People Self-development

We are committed to providing all of our clients and partners with a consistent and engaging experience. Our partnerships with self-development companies mean that we get to offer training and motivational workshops at a preferred rate. As a trusted HR solution services, we offer deep subject matter expertise through our expansive network of resources. Our priority is to work with a proactive approach in developing the solution to achieve your desired outcomes. Whatever your concern is, we are here to listen.