Mindzzle Consulting Event Volunteer Job Description (Marketing and Sales)

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Volunteer Job Title
Marketing and Sales
Time Commitment
2-3 hours per week
Must Attend
Briefing day (Jan 24, 2016) and Event Day (Jan 27, 2016)
Number of Position
Deadline to Apply
Jan 20, 2016

About the Event

People are always at the core of any organizations, making them an integral component. Unfortunately, we often fail to acknowledge this understanding. Instead we define people as a human resource. Mindzzle believe that every individual is more than a dispensable resource. Through hosting drop-in sessions, Mindzzle aim to share and educate others about the true meaning of human resource.

Job Duties

  • Developing and managing marketing campaign for the event
  • Engage potential stakeholders
  • Reporting to the executive team
  • Enjoy the event!

Volunteer Requirements

  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Working experience in marketing field
  • Fluency in using English

Benefits of Becoming a Volunteer

To work in a dynamic and positive culture, where your professional development would be nourished through this event. We ensure our volunteers to gain the best experience throughout the whole volunteering journey from the beginning to the end. In addition, our strong connections with the British Columbians entrepreneurs and business owners will give you a unique opportunity to network. Join us today for this unique opportunity and experience the growth through this event!

For more information or apply, please contact Gilbert Limarta (778-927-5539) or email us at general.mailbox@mindzzle.com

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