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Mindzzle is a groundbreaking service provider of human resources solutions and training services. We believe in doing business that adds value to the society through our service.

Product and Services

Corporate Culture Development

We are committed to help your company build corporate culture that you desire! It starts with defining your company's vision, mission and values. Then followed up with crafting the company policy and standard operating procedure. Lastly, through thoughtful planning of socialization culture will be embedded in your company more effectively.

Performance Management Consultation

We believe that each individual could reach their true potential through effective management. It is important to identify whether a person needed a training, mentoring, or coaching in order for them to elevate their performance. Through our insightful tools and analysis, we are sure to provide you with targeted plan to increase your employee's performance.

Mindzzle Apps

As an advocate for technology driven solution, we designed our Apps to be suitable for professional uses.

Coming Soon 2018!

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It is our mission to develop integrated human capital while serving society positively




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